Things to do with your kid's art! - Paper Frame

It's every mom's dilemma - 'where should I keep my kid's art?' But one thing's for sure, you DEFINITELY want to keep it. It's those little drawings, paintings and scrawled out letters that steal your heart every time.

So why not put your kid's art to some good use.

Don't be afraid to get creative!

Today we're going to make a Paper Frame out of a little kid's Cut Out Work!

It's simple and not at all messy!

Things you'll need are:

1. 2 different coloured chart papers

2. Scissors

3. Double sided tape

4. Decorative letters

Place the cut out work on a matching coloured chart paper and cut to size, leaving a one inch border all around.

Cut the second chart paper to a size larger than the first. An inch larger on all sides should do fine.

Stick the cut out work on the first chart paper and then that onto the second chart paper.

You're almost done!

Use the letters to decorate or name your paper frame before hanging it up in your home!


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