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  • Today your kid drew a heart on a tiny scrap of paper and gifted it to you. Tomorrow he brings home a small sketch of a house. A week later you have collected an array of little bits and scraps of your little one's masterpieces and they're all over the house!

    Here's an interesting way you can document all those works of art which are too small to frame or display!

    Today we're going to make a Scrap Book Page out of a little kid's Tiny Works of Art!

    It's simple and not at all messy!

    Things you'll need are:

    1. Chart paper the size of your proposed scrap book page

    2. Another few chart papers of complementing colours

    3. Scissors & Punch

    4. Double sided tape

    5. Decorative stickers

    Punch holes in your 1st chart paper so as to be able to create a file of many such pages later which becomes a full scrap book

    Place the art work on the chart paper accommodating all the drawings you would like to display on that page.

    TIP: When scrapbooking, never leave all your photos/drawings the same size or the same shape. Feel free to cut out shapes along the edges of the drawings. This gives your scrap book depth and makes it much more artistic!

    So cut around some of the drawings and place them on another coloured chart paper creating fun borders.

    Now rearrange the cut drawings on the page. 

    When you're happy with the arrangement, slide all the drawings off the page in that order before sticking them onto the page.

    add some more colour and dimension to your page by randomly cutting out a piece of coloured chart paper and sticking it somewhere on the page so that this colour too shows through the gaps between drawings.

    Bring the drawings back on and stick them in the arrangement you had decided on.

    You're almost done!

    Use the stickers or some glitter to decorate page!


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